I have found a surprising connection between Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke and this ground-breaking book describes their common causal factor.  These diseases are modern mismatch diseases created by our carefully evolved brains attempting to function in the presence of a chemical monster not experienced during the brain’s evolution. This book describes specific preventative measures to be taken by you and your family to rid yourself of this chemical monster. It also encourages cultural changes that will allow our society to prevent these mismatch diseases. The scientific evidence showing that 7 specific supplements, 7 lifestyle choices, and a dissolved mineral will prevent Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke is described in detail in this book.

My interest in dementia started after an acquaintance died of the after-effects of a stroke and my mother and a friend’s mother, both 86 years old, began suffering severe frustration and panic attacks due to short term memory failure.  Having no preconceived notions about dementia and autism, I spent a number of years reading research articles in scientific journals. The search for the causes of Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke started as a mystery and once solved it transformed into a crusade to rid my life of an evil monster.  I found this monster lurking in my medicine cabinet, food pantries, refrigerator, and the water pipes leading into my home.   This monster has been damaging the brains of newborn infants, elderly family members, and everyone in between for years.  It has remained undetected because of our lack of information and false reassurances by those in positions of responsibility who we have trusted with our health. It is time to take on this monster as both individuals and as a culture.  Read this book and become informed before this monster claims your brain and the brains of those you love. I had not originally planned to write a book but once the monster was unveiled, I was compelled to write a book.

Being a biochemist I am naturally suspicious of supplementing my diet with impure herbal extracts.  Small traces of toxic impurities in these extracts can do damage to your body and especially your brain.  Therefore this book only recommends supplements containing purified biochemicals and a dissolved mineral commonly found in your body.

The book begins as I did searching for the cause of Alzheimer’s.  I hope you join me in this exciting search by reading Chapter 1.

The Alzheimer’s Association finds that Alzheimer’s disease is grossly misunderstood and underestimated.  When they surveyed 12 countries they found:

 “59 percent of people surveyed incorrectly believe that Alzheimer’s disease is a typical part of ageing and 40 percent of people believe that Alzheimer’s is not fatal”.

 Alzheimer’s (AD) is a currently a terminal disease but it is not necessarily an inevitable part of aging.  The following table will give you some “food” for thought.  Studying this table do you think that AD is a typical part of ageing?


Life Expectancy and AD Death Rate by Country
Country Life Expectancy (yrs.)* AD Death  Rate (per 100,000)**
Iceland 83.3 25.1
United States 79.8 24.8
Malaysia 75.7 0.2
Singapore 84 0

*Life expectancy data from WHO 2014, **AD death rate data from

As you can see there are countries in the world, such as Malaysia and Singapore, where people with a similar life expectancy to the U.S. have much less AD.   This book explains why AD is not a typical part of ageing in some parts of the world and how countries like the U.S. can lower their rate of AD. This book also explains how individuals can take steps to lower their risk of AD and work toward cultural changes in their countries to lower the rate of AD.