Month: July 2021

My mother in law’s journey with Alzheimer’s -Improvement with Silica water – written by my wife Laurie Adamson

This was written in 2017 and there is an update at the bottom 2020.   Changes we have seen in my mother –in-law’s memory and behavior since drinking Fiji water.I would like to share my mother-in -law’s journey of stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s and improving cognition.  My husband and I attribute most of her improvement to

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Seizures and Aluminum

Epilepsy is a condition in which seizures occur on a repeated basis. Seizures occur in the brain when too many nerve cells “fire” too quickly creating what has been referred to as an “electrical storm”. There are over 40 different types of seizures. Symptoms can either include convulsions, such as in tonic-clonic (a.k.a. grand mal)

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Why drinking Silica water is an alternative to following a Keto diet

There are two primary energy sources for the body: ·  Carbohydrates in the form of sugars (i.e. glucose) produce energy by glycolysis to make acetyl CoA for the citric acid cycle. ·  Fats in the form of triglycerides produce energy by beta-oxidation to make acetyl CoA for the citric acid cycle. Carbohydrates and fats are converted to energy in

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My Mom’s Aluminum Free Coffee Maker

Video at end of write up. My 91 year old Mom has Alzheimer’s disease.  In an effort to slow and possibly reverse the decline of her short term memory and the progression of her Alzheimer’s disease, I have been helping Mom lower her ingestion of ionic aluminum.  Aluminum ions are neurotoxic, killing neurons and inhibiting the ability

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Aluminum in the Brains of those with Alzheimer’s Disease

Prior Studies:·          In 2005 Andrasi, et al. measured aluminum levels in specific brain regions (e.g. hippocampus, entorhinal cortex, and two areas of the frontal cortex) of three AD patients and 3 non-demented controls.  Compared to the controls there was a 2.6-fold to 6.8-fold higher aluminum levels in these regions of the AD brain1. In 2009 Fjell, et al., looking at

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