Autism – Improvements seen

This anecdotal information was collected from 2017- January 2020
The following anecdotal information is published in the book Silica Water the Secret of Healthy Blue Zone Longevity in the Aluminum Age by Dennis N Crouse. 

“I have become fascinated with this subject and the unbelievable simplicity of drinking a silicon rich mineral water to remove aluminum from the body since discovering Prof Chris Exley’s excellent work at the end of 2017. We have been using this on our 9 yr. old son who has an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis and we saw clear cognitive improvements with him after 3 months on Volvic water. There were improvements to his mood, his laughing. He was more happy and had more speech, asking significantly more questions (this is MASSIVE!), and more imaginative play. … After 6 months on Volvic we switched to Fiji for the last two months and have seen dramatic improvements. He is so much calmer, better memory, understanding things more, eating more things and generally is eating more and will sit for dinner without requiring distractions, is laughing loads and showing emotions more, and is making progress which his teachers and tutors are also seeing. It’s amazing to see! We have tried almost every protocol going since he was 3 and can confirm this is no placebo effect. This works, and is working for us and we hope more people try it with literally no down side. Amazing stuff!” September 2018

“My son is 21 and has autism. I started giving him Fiji water about 3 to 4 months ago. I didn’t make him drink a certain amount or anything. He just drank it when he was thirsty, though he has always been a big water drinker. I didn’t expect too much, but I can honestly say that I’ve noticed a difference! Mostly in the past month. I don’t know how to explain it other than say he is more aware. Our conversations are getting to be more interactive. He initiated an ‘I love you’ for the first time in 21 years!!! Tonight, he said ‘Thank you Mom, you’re the best!!’. This is not typical for my son. Not because he didn’t feel that way, he just never expressed it verbally before. I’m not saying this to promise other parents that you will get the same results, but I’m very grateful for what we have experienced so far. I now buy a few cases of Fiji water a month as I truly believe it is helping”. July 2018 

“My 9 year old son has really struggled with reading. All of the sudden his reading skills have just taken off!! To the point his teacher wanted to talk to me after school! She said he has improved so much in the past 2 weeks she wanted me to know how proud she was of him! It is amazing he has only been on the silica water for about 6 weeks so I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” February 2018

My 6 year old son has been drinking about ½ liter a day of Fiji and I’ve seen big improvements in his behavior. Also much more affectionate. My dad commented that it’s like he’s grown up 2 years in the last couple months. August 2018
“We have been using Silicade. After 4 weeks my 7 year old autistic son showed no signs of improvement. But after 8 weeks on Silicade his hyperactivity had decreased allowing him to attend an entire church service.After 12 weeks he is continuing to improve, and I’m starting to worry that the special school section he’s in may notice and kick him out!Note: Silicade is homemade synthetic silica water with the same level of OSA as Fiji water the recipe is available on the web.

The following anecdotal reports come from a facebook group that my wife Laurie Adamson is a moderator for. Permission has been given by the person who wrote the post.

My wife, Laurie Adamson has set up a facebook group focused on Aluminum and Autism. You are welcome to join.

I have been using it for my 7 year old who is higher functioning on the spectrum but used to not talk as much. Since the Fiji water. It’s been 2 months. He has been so much more aware of surroundings, talkative and more curious about what is going on around him. Even in school his teachers have noticed a difference in speech.

“My daughter has autism and epilepsy and since starting her on Fiji water I have seen a big improvement with her. Not one seizure even when she had the flu just before Christmas, she has started talking, giving eye contact. I honesty can’t believe the difference with her. I just switched my daughter to Fiji (she’s always drank bottled water anyway). She has just under a liter a day and has been on it for 4 months.”

After starting Fiji water for about 1 month ( a small cup a day) my asd son has made definite cognitive, social and language gains. I have done nothing else that is new.  
He is making more eye contact, has more facial expressions. And has just started to reciprocate smiles!
He is doing better with copying actions, words. I hope the gains continue

Started my 7 year old ASD son on Fiji water a few weeks ago. At first we saw big gains like more detailed language and the willing to try new foods!

My son has Aspergers, he has been using 800ml_ 1l of Ascilis for about 6 weeks with no side effects just positive changes. He was prior to starting socially awkward, anti social, rather withdrawn and enjoying being alone and isolated himself in his room when he wasn’t at school, he’s he is a lot more communicative, quite enjoying online chats for hours with friends, chipping in family conversation and being a lot more conversational and spontaneous .initially I thought I was imagining things!! Even he says he feels different, clearer thinking and a bit more able to plan and remember what he’s supposed to be doing, I have to say I am very impressed so far with the results.

Its funny but my 4 y.o. became calmed from the very first cup of silica water . And then when we ran out she got worse every day . After we received our order of water she was again calm in half an hour …

Hi All, I have been using Fiji water for my 3.5 yrs old son since the last 6 weeks. He is autistic and was preverbal. After starting Fiji water, there is a lot of improvement in his speech, understanding of language and memory. He seems to have lost a bit of his chubbiness, no other negatives so far.
Just to add we switched from Volvic to Fiji about 3-4 months back and the improvements are quite Awesome. The anxiety has reduced so much so that I can’t really believe it. Our child is calmer, and his focus, understanding, concerntration have all improved dramatically.

He was originally diagnosed as moderately autistic at 3 years. The Fiji water further improved his socialization skills, but also gave fairly dramatic improvement to his fine motor skills.  
We have only been on fiji water for a few days, so obviously its way to early to offer an opinion… My daughter has a few undefined neurological differences, and i can honestly say she is soooo HAPPY these last couple of days. Hope it is the fiji waterBoth my children have an ‘autism’ diagnosis. Our youngest regressed following his MMR vaccination as well as 6 others all on the same day. He became unresponsive lost all his words/eye contact and ability to communicate. I think we’ve been doing the water protocol for about 8 weeks. Our little boys eyes are now bright and focused he wants to play again. He isn’t just making the same repetitive noise, he’s babbling again and making expressive sounds. He looks when you call his name. He smiles and laughs more  we’re getting him back. We’re using Fiji water as much as possible or Spritzer. We’re getting our boy back

(Posted in March) Since starting Fiji in September…both my sons one with Down Syndrome and speech delay and one with ADHD and Dysgraphia. I have seen many gains! My son started having horrible melt downs including aggression at school and couldn’t control his behavior. After a month of taking Fiji his melt downs are no longer. He is getting all stars all day at school and his teacher just told me he is progressing! Huge! My other son’s teacher called me out of the blue and said whatever your doing keep doing it due to your son is doing so well at school! This was about 1-2 months after starting Fiji! He also has melt downs but they seem less and less. I am hoping in time they will be gone or minimal. He also is doing average and above average in school. Overall so excited about our gains and in happy tears a lot! Especially watching my son talk!

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