Month: October 2021

Epidemiology Supporting Aluminum’s Causal Role in Alzheimer’s Disease

Epidemiological studies comparing the level of aluminum in drinking water to the relative risk of Alzheimer’s disease support the contention that aluminum is a causal factor of Alzheimer’s disease.  Using epidemiology studies to find correlations between aluminum ingestion and Alzheimer’s disease has been made difficult because there are many sources of aluminum in the human

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Sources of Aluminum

List of sources of aluminum Aluminum Cookware –    Pots, baking pans, cookie sheets, dutch ovens, calderosSafer Alternative – Stainless Steel, cast iron, porcelain, ceramic, Non stick thermolon is safe if it is attached to stainless steel Aluminum Foil– Safer Alternatives for cooking, use nonstick aluminum foil or parchment paper For storage use plastic wrap between food and aluminum foil Drinking Water

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