Month: August 2021

Bottled Silica Waters from around the World

You need 48 ppm or more of OSA to remove aluminum. Appendix I – Bottled Silica Waters of the World This following list of silica waters of the world was provided by Mr. Paul Watling and The table can be found in my Silica Water book. Dennis N Crouse, PhD Harvard, Scientist and Author

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Jelly Beans a Source of Aluminum

Before retiring I loved having a few jelly beans after dinner as a simple dessert. After retiring I began researching aluminum as a causal factor of Alzheimer’s disease. My search for sources of aluminum in my daily diet led me to read the ingredient label on the back of the jelly bean bag where ‘Blue

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An Aluminum Free Cake for My Mother’s 90th Birthday

My mother has been suffering from short term memory loss for 4 years.  For the last two years she has followed the recommendations in my book “Prevent Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Stroke” including eliminating all major sources of aluminum from her diet and drinking 3 to 4 cups of Fiji water a day in order to

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