I am the 3rd generation diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It runs very strong in my family. Possibly 5 generations as my Great, Great Grandmother and her daughter had memory problems before they called it Alzheimer’s. The Fiji Water has been removing Aluminum from my brain for almost 5 months and I can drive again and go shopping by myself again. Also doing memory block video puzzles. My scores are more then triple after starting detoxing from aluminum. I too thought it was over. But from first hand experience I have learned you can improve a lot. No one should give up.” September 2020

I have been meaning to follow-up with you regarding my Mother. I arrived in Kansas on September 13th and within 48 hours I had my Mom on Fiji water and PQQ 20mg and Q10 200mg. The changes include: She is much more communicative, involved in conversation, remembering events and telling stories, laughing, joking. She is no longer incontinent and knows when she has to go to the bathroom. Rarely does she have an accident where as prior we could be changing her 7 to 10 times a day. ….. At almost exactly 2 months it was apparent that changes were taking place. My father even noticed and mentioned the changes. …… She no longer just stares off like she isn’t there. ….. Her short term memory is poor but her whole personality has mostly returned as has her appetite ….I wish to give hope to others that while I don’t believe Mom is “cured” she certainly has a much better quality of life than before I arrived to help and it has certainly made it ALOT easier for the caregiver. Jan 2021

“I wanted to provide an update on my mom. She was diagnosed with moderate (stage4) Alzheimer disease back in November of 2019. Around November 2020 I started my mom drinking Fiji water (1 litre). Before starting the water, my mom’s memory was getting bad. She couldn’t remember her brother and sisters names, struggled cooking, had issues driving, wouldn’t talk for more than 5 minutes on the phone. Since starting the Fiji water, she is able to understand when she says the wrong word and corrects herself, is cooking again, driving again, and she talks all the time on the phone with me! But most important, she is happy! I recently retested her and she is now at mild (stage 3). Thank you for all the information this group gives. April 2021”

“I’m 63 years old, not a Alzheimer patient (yet), but a little bit concerned about memory loss. For the last 5 months I have been drinking silica rich mineral water and I am really happy to feel that this ‘brain fog’ is disappearing. Thank you for all thé good advice. Love from Belgium. Jan 2022”

I started drinking silica rich minéral water for 6 months now , because I started to feel insecure, forgot a lot, didn’t know the answer right away at unexpected questions, started to be afraid to drive, couldn’t do math in my head anymore etc. Now, 6 months later, I feel like a fog has disappeared from my brain, and my self confidence is back, no fear of driving anymore, I do calculations, remember a lot more. I try to convince my friends who have the same small memory problems, but they don t hear me. So I share it with you 😃 really I can recommend this. I live in Europe, we don t have Fiji, but we have other silica rich waters. This is not a commercial so I don’t give you a brand but if you want me to, I will gladly give you. Good luck to everyone.” March 2022 (She is drinking Volvic water which has 49 ppm of OSA, Fiji has 124 ppm of OSA)

This information comes for a facebook page my wife moderates: Alzheimer’s: Late and Early Onset, APOE-4 . ttps://

Here is the story of how my research into Alzheimer’s began.

My interest in silica water was inspired by a desire to help my mother slow or possibly reverse the progression of her Alzheimer’s disease.  I read Dr. Christopher Exley’s work on daily silica water treatments improving cognition in some Alzheimer’s patients and hoped this might work for my mom73,78.  My research on Alzheimer’s disease and ways to prevent it are summarized in my book “Prevent Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Stroke with 7 Supplements, 7 Lifestyle Choices, and a Dissolved Mineral”1.  The dissolved mineral mentioned in the title refers to the water soluble silica called orthosilicic acid (OSA). 

Alzheimer’s disease is a terminal disease that slowly erases ones memory and identity. In the U.S.A. we are witnessing an exponentially growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s (see Figure 22). Currently 700,000 people in the U.S.A. die every year from Alzheimer’s making it the sixth leading cause of death. It is estimated that 1 out of 3 people in the U.S.A. over 80 have Alzheimer’s.

But Alzheimer’s is not an inevitable part of ageing. There are locations in the world, such as Japan and Okinawa, with a longer life expectancy than the U.S.A. and where there is much lower percentage of people dying from Alzheimer’s than in the U.S.A. (see Table 24). These areas of the world have on average much higher levels of OSA in their drinking water than the U.S.A.

In Table 24 both male and female survival rates are the percentage of people 60 to 79 who will make it to age 90 in each location.  This table shows that both male and female survival rate to age 90 is higher in Mainland Japan (e.g. Honshu) and Okinawa than the U.S.A. The table also shows the Alzheimer’s death rate in the U.S.A. compared with Mainland Japan and Okinawa is inversely correlated with average ppm OSA in drinking water. This OSA rich water is used for both drinking and crop irrigation.

The seven largest epidemiology studies looking at the link between aluminum in drinking water and the risk of Alzheimer’s have found over 100ppb of aluminum in drinking water increases the risk of Alzheimer’s1. In addition several of these studies found a dose response relationship between the concentration of aluminum and the risk of Alzheimer’s238-246. The good news is that one long-term study found that OSA greater than 18ppm in drinking water lowered the risk of Alzheimer’s246,247. A second long-term study also confirmed that women over 75 drinking OSA rich water 19ppm to 57ppm were less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had higher cognitive performance than women drinking water with less than 19ppm OSA248.

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