About the Author Dennis N. Crouse

Of all the books I read in college, the three most significant in shaping my career were:  “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, “The Fitness of the Environment” by L. J. Henderson and “The Immense Journey” by Loren C. Eiseley.  These books describe how our planet evolved to become an ideal environment for life and how our species, Homo sapiens, evolved to unwittingly upset this environment by introducing chemicals, such as DDT and aluminum.

After graduating from college I co-founded a company to analyze the chemicals in food and water.  In less than a year the company became the only one in New England approved by the FDA to analyze meat products for toxic chemicals, such as PCB’s and pesticides.  The company tested and approved these products for sale to the public.

With my two business partners, I later purchased a company that produced isotopically labeled chemicals.  With the help of a group of talented chemists, I developed a series of stable isotopically labelled toxic chemicals and pesticides that were sold and used worldwide for quantifying these chemicals in food and water.

I developed the first computerized instruments to measure the corrosion rate of metals in contact with liquids.  These rates are important when storing food and water in metal containers for long periods of time.  These rates become even more important when cooking food in contact with metal surfaces, since heat usually increases the rate of metal corrosion.

Working with a dedicated group of people, I helped develop a new type of detector for toxic and flammable gases.  Thousands of these detectors were manufactured and are currently used by gas utility leak technicians for finding toxic and flammable gas leaks in homes. Since 2012 I have taken courses at the University of Tasmania on dementia and at Harvard on neurochemistry along with studying the scientific literature relating to the neurochemistry of the brain.

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