My mother in law’s journey with Alzheimer’s -Improvement with Silica water – written by my wife Laurie Adamson

My mother in law’s journey with Alzheimer’s -Improvement with Silica water – written by my wife Laurie Adamson

This was written in 2017 and there is an update at the bottom 2020.  

Changes we have seen in my mother –in-law’s memory and behavior since drinking Fiji water.
I would like to share my mother-in -law’s journey of stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s and improving cognition.  My husband and I attribute most of her improvement to drinking Fiji water (3 to 4 cups a day).  

My husband Dennis N Crouse has spent the last six years researching ways to help his mother.  He is a scientist so he began by reading the scientific literature.  We had hoped to slow down the progression of the disease so she wouldn’t have to go through end stage Alzheimer’s but this journey has evolved into a reversal of the disease.  My husband knew he needed to find a cause before he could find ways to help his mother.  Research has reached a tipping point and aluminum is a causal factor of Alzheimer’s.       

My mother- in-law is 91.  When she was 85 memory difficulties started to impact her daily functioning.  One of the first things my father-in-law noticed was increased frustration when balancing the checkbook.   She eventually had to give up doing the check book.  She worked for an accountant for many years and this task had been very easy for her.  The memory difficulties also began to impact on her ability to sew.  She was a seamstress who had a fabric shop in the basement of her home.  She did alterations for people.  These difficulties progressed to where she couldn’t remember how to thread the sewing machine.  She no longer sews.  A few years later she began struggling to prepare the evening meal.  She was having frequent panic attacks and severe frustration when she was unable to do a task due to her short term memory difficulties.  In the late afternoon her functioning would decrease to the point where she was unable to have a conversation.

About 2 years ago she began drinking Fiji water.   Over the following two years we saw improvements in her cognition and behavior.  The major and most recent improvement is in her short term memory.  She use to talk mostly about things which happened many years ago.  There were times when she was talking as if things that happened in the past were currently happening.  In the last 6 months she talks primarily about what is currently happening and what has happened the last few days.   In addition to the Fiji water she takes PQQ 20mg and taurine 500 mg.  She has been taking Vitamin D3 2,000 IU, CoQ10 200 mg and B 50 for many years.

Her improved cognition has improved her ability to care for herself.  This has resulted in improved health and quality of life.  She was having bladder infections and bladder control issues frequently.  At one point she wore a catheter.   Currently, she is on a prophylactic dose of antibiotics.  In the past she couldn’t remember to take this medication.  She would stop taking the medication as she couldn’t remember why she was taking it.  She would also forget to get a refill.  For the past year she has had only a few bladder infections.  She now is able to tell you why she takes the medication and she remembers to take the medication and get refills.

Over the past few years she has had trouble renewing her driver’s license.  We have been very worried about her ability to drive.  Last year when she went to renew her license she was required to take a written test in addition to a road test.  She read the book and much to our surprise she passed the test.  Fortunately she has had no car accidents.  She has a restricted license which allows her to drive to the grocery store and the doctor’s office.Her panic attacks and frustration have decreased.  Her cognition has improved to the point where she is able to describe to us when she is having anxiety and why she is having the anxiety. There have been a few times when she wasn’t drinking Fiji water, for instance when my father-in-law was in the hospital or when they ran out and hadn’t gotten to the grocery store to get more.   A few days after she stopped taking the Fiji water we noticed her frustration increased and her ability to remember things decreased. 

Yes my mother-in-law still struggles with many daily tasks but overall the quality of her life has improved significantly and we are beyond pleased!

In 2021 my mother in law had an MRI which confirmed the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  She also was tested and is ApoE 3e/4e.  

Update May 2020    When I called my mother-in-law the other morning I got a remarkable surprise. She told me that she had sewed a ruffle back on a bedskirt using her sewing machine.  She has not been able to use her sewing machine for about 10 years. My sister-in-law offered to talk her through the threading of the machine before she sewed (none of us live in the same state as my mother in law) my mother in law said she didn’t need help and by golly she didn’t. I am still beyond amazed! The funny thing is she told me it was a new sewing machine that she must’ve just bought in the last year or so. Of course this isn’t true. Her memory isn’t perfect but she is thriving.  The brain can repair itself!

Here is a link to a video my husband recently made about his mother

I have a facebook group for Alzheimer’s: Late and Early Onset, APOE4

The protocol used to stop the progression of my mother in laws Alzheimer’s is in my husbands recently published book, Increasing IQ, Cognition and COVID-19 rate with Essential Nutrients,  Chapter 11.

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